Custom teardrop banners Printed Teardrop Banners

Custom teardrop banners Help your business to catch the crowd’s eye with these printed teardrop banners. Whether you have an indoors or outdoors business you want to broadcast, this vivid banners are perfect to attract the public’s attention.

Stand out from the crowd

If you want your business or event to get everybody’s attention but need an easy, portable option for your display, look no further. Promotional flags are made in a unique design of the teardrop flag is great for drawing attention to your business at marketing events. The eye-catching shape of the flag gives the banner a flying effect that will certainly increase the impact of your message. Also, the pole spins freely in the wind, which aids in capturing the attention of every passerby. This impactful feature combined with the vibrant colors of the custom digital print will enhance your company’s presence at any event. Evidently, the teardrop flag is great if you want to be seen.

Printed Teardrop Banners

Your logo will catch eye with the vibrant digital print

As mentioned before, this product is great if you are looking for attention. But what gets attention if it isn’t colorful? The teardrop flag banners offer a high-quality, full-color printing from the artwork of your choosing. Also, there are different options that help fitting your needs. If you have a simple artwork with big, bold lettering the silk-screen units are ideal for you. If you have a more detailed or intricate logo, choose the digital print product. But no matter what option you are getting, the vibrancy of its colors will catch the eye of every bystander.

They will stand no matter what the weather brings

Each display holds a durable, weatherproof polyester Teardrop banners that depicts your custom graphics in a high quality fabric print. They are carefully designed to withstand moderate weather conditions and they are suited for every environment. With these printed teardrop flags, you do not have to worry that you display will be compromised or damaged. Clearly, this product is great for advertising at outdoor marketing events.

Portable, lightweight and easy to ASSEMBLE

Another striking characteristic of the teardrop flags is that they are very easy to carry around. To make your banner stand, a base or stake is easily added to secure the display on the sidewalk right in front of your business. The signs can be packed up easily into a compact canvas bag, so one person can effortlessly carry several banners at the same time if necessary. Also, they require no additional tools to assemble. You simply have to slide the teardrop flag onto the pole and attach it to the base. The portability of this product makes it the perfect choice for businesses that attend trade shows regularly.

Printed Teardrop Banners

If you change your mind about your artwork, that is no problem

Many of the displays can be easily updated with replacement banners. If you wish to refresh an old design, you can simply swap out the printed graphics. A new fabric flag can always be printed with your updated design in time for your next marketing event. Furthermore, the teardrop flags guarantee an outstanding visibility. As with most sign graphics, they are printed on one side only. But the thin fabric allows your artwork to pass through the material so there will be a reversed image on the other side. There will never be a need to have to adjust the teardrop flag to make sure your logo is visible.

Long-lasting, vibrant colors

You can rest assured that your design will not fade or run thanks to the long-lasting, weatherproof material and the fabric printing technology. Your artwork will be printed onto the teardrop flag with waterproof, durable ink that resists sun and rain. The brilliant colors are simple to view, even in bright sunlight. They are especially effective when used as multiples.

Where the wind blows your banner goes

As mentioned before, a striking aspect of these original banners is that they “fly” with the wind. Its unique flying effect will guarantee a maximum exposure of your business. When secured properly to the ground, these teardrop flags are able to withstand moderate wind conditions. The pole inserted in the base can spin freely in the wind. Its swift movements make it more visible to your audience without making any annoying noise while flying.

Printed Teardrop Banners

They are equally great for indoors

Although they are ideal as outdoor banners, these teardrop-shaped flags are equally impressive indoors. While they are known for their portability, they can also be used as permanent fixtures for a retail store, using its unique design and striking colors to advertise a sale, announce an upcoming event or simply for brand awareness.